February 8 2015

Free SOLAR ENERGY is Anything But FREE!

There are many, many new solar companies popping up from all over the United States and they going into every other state even knocking on doors and mass marketing under the claim of FREE SOLAR.

What they are actually doing is taking advantage of the uniformed general population with such promise being made that they are offering "FREE SOLAR"... This could not be further from the truth.

Yes, so far anyway, the sun does radiate effective free energy on to your roofs and into your front and rear yards. But the promise these solar carpetbaggers are selling the public on is anything but free.. And their built in annual increases are far more than any public utility would be allowed to saddle their customers with because the utilities are regulated by FERC.

The free solar panels are also being paid for by you the customer. You see the government presently is offering tax credits for anyone who installs certain types of solar energy products. These are payouts the homeowner would get if they bought the systems outright. But carpetbagger FREE SOLAR sales teams fill out the paperwork to get the government payout turned over to them. So in effect you did pay for the system with tax credits that were intended to be paid to you.

When you do business with these proclaimed free solar providers, what they do not tell you is that they get the tax credits assigned over to them.

Then you, in a contract, agree to pay these solar carpetbaggers a previously agreed  first year low balled price for each kilowatt that the solar array produces. What happens to the inefficiency losses is somewhat unclear. What if you do not use all of what the system produces? Do you still pay for those kilowatts? If they say no, then there is the question how will they measure what the system produces and what you use? Is there two separate metering systems plus the electric company provider's meter?

The other point which a potential "FREE SOLAR" system buyer needs to understand is there is a built in 2.9% ANNUAL increase factor. This is an effective built in profit increase for the "FREE SOLAR" provider which is paid by you the buyer and the raise is built into the energy contract that the homeowner must sign with the solar provider. Just think about that for a minute.

The electric utilities companies can not increase prices at these rates because they are regulated by FERC.

But the FREE SOLAR company is building in their own (pure) profit raises in to the customer contract even as the sun is delivering free energy to the already paid for (by government credits) system on your roof. …  The use of your roof is the only thing taking place here for FREE. ...

With the current average of 20 cents being your initial agreed to electricity cost per kilowatt hour which the system produces, it is easy to see how a steady 2.9% increase over time will add up to a very large increase in your SOLAR electric bill toward the end of the contract.

Why would the FREE SOLAR providers need a built in price increase. Did the cost of the sun increase?

This is how a 2.9% increase adds up over time.

    CostYearlyAnnual %
    Yearly Cost
    /kW hrIncreaseIncrease
    per kw hr

    $0.20Year 1
    $0.21Year 2
    $0.21Year 3
    $0.22Year 4
    $0.22Year 5
    $0.23Year 6
    $0.24Year 7
    $0.24Year 8
    $0.25Year 9
    $0.26Year 10
    $0.26Year 11
    $0.27Year 12
    $0.28Year 13
    $0.29Year 14
    $0.30Year 15
    $0.30Year 16
    $0.31Year 17
    $0.32Year 18
    $0.33Year 19
    $0.34Year 20
    $0.35Year 21
    $0.36Year 22
    $0.37Year 23
    $0.38Year 24
    $0.39Year 25


      So as you can see in year twenty five you can expect to pay 100% more for the 'FREE' solar energy coming from the solar panels which are mounted on your roof for free. The only thing that is truly free is you giving them free use of your roof to mount the panels that allows them to charge you a monthly bill for the FREE sun rays that have always shined on your roof top.

      By historical measures the FREE SOLAR costs would be more than you would be paying from buying power off the public utility grid.

      Did the cost of the sun increase?  No but the (FREE SOLAR) carpetbagger profit did increase..every year.. And seeing that most of the initial cost of purchase and installation of the solar system was offset by government tax credits the kilowatts you are paying for are actually free. the monthly bill you are now under contract to pay is nearly pure profit from your wallet to theirs. NOT FREE AT ALL..


       If you want FREE ENERGY: Purchase the panels and system outright. 
      Then fill out all the government paperwork to claim all tax credits for your own.

      Make sure to have the SOLAR panels and the SOLAR system controls mounted, wired and installed  by your local reliable electrician. 

      Now your produced solar energy will actually be FREE to enjoy ever after… 

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